My Story

The first time I ever thought to start drawing was in the springtime of 2021 on a night when I took psilocybin mushrooms. Towards the end of the experience, I saw this abstract idea on the wall and it inspired me to start this journey. So in the next few weeks after that, I started drawing random things that came to me and practicing repetitive drawing of them until they started looking half decent. A few months later, I learned photoshop at the beginning of my senior year in high school and started merging my drawings with that. Both these artistic mediums have been the place for me to go throughout this journey when I've felt lost or suicidal, and the love of creation is always what brings me back. My intention with this is personal, (medicine for myself) but also for the people who feel in a dark spot with nowhere to go. I want to relate to those people and show anyone open to it that it's possible to follow your dreams and your life could go any route you wish, the choice is yours.